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Josie Jade and Janie Crouch wrote the Resting Warrior Ranch series together then decided to team up again to create the PRINCES OF FAIRYTALE books (bringing in new author superstar Lenna Phoenix this time!).

It didn't take long to figure out they wanted to write about ten (yes, ten!) brothers. To give them different backstories, they divided the Prince "brothers" into:

three biological brothers,

three biological cousins,

two adopted brothers

and two honorary brothers. 

But where would they live?

Over a writers retreat at Janie’s house in Colorado last summer, Josie, Janie and Lenna decided they needed a break and went into Janie’s tiny hometown of Manitou Springs to get ice cream. 

(Because ice cream is always an important part of the creative process.)

Ends up that ice cream would change everything!


While eating their tasty treat downtown, seeing the rainbow and enjoying the mountains surrounding them, they decided they wanted to model their new series right there, since it was like something out of a fairytale. 

Thus... Fairytale, Colorado was born.

They mimicked Manitou Springs in a lot of ways, because who wouldn't want to live in a small town like this: 


Once they had the idea, they couldn’t wait to get back to their whiteboards and drawing pads and computers to start literally mapping everything out!

Josie, Janie and Lenna all love the feel of a tight-knit community: where people will do anything for each other, but also are all up in each other’s business. Small town goodness.

They all love devoted families—ones where the bond isn’t necessarily biological, but it’s still as tight as possible. 

So they present to you...the Princes of Fairytale, CO:

Ten brothers. One gorgeous town. 





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