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 Josie Jade

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Josie Jade is the pen name of an avid romantic suspense reader who had so many stories bubbling up inside her she had to write them!

Her passion is protective heroes and books about healing…broken men and women who find love—and themselves—again.


Josie’s books will always be about fighting danger and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the family you’ve chosen and the people you love.


Heroes exist.

Let a Josie Jade book prove it to you.

Wanna play two truths and a lie? Which do you think is true:

• Josie lives in the mountains of Montana with her husband and three dogs, and is out skiing as much as possible

• Josie loves chocolate of all kinds—from deep and dark to painfully sweet

• Josie worked for years as an elementary school teacher before finally becoming a full time author


What's your guess? 

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