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Sometimes the worst wounds can’t be seen.


Lucas Everett knows that firsthand. It's why he and his former Navy SEAL brothers created the Resting Warrior Ranch


They aren’t doctors, but they can offer the healing freedom of their Montana range. And they specialize in training service and emotional support animals to help sooth even the worst emotional scars. 


Usually, soldiers show up at their door. But this time its Evelyn Taylor—a soldier in a very different kind of war. 


She's as skittish as one of the horses Lucas gentles. But he’s learned how to be patient with animals, and he’s more than happy to be patient with this quiet beauty too.


When Evelyn’s past nightmares show up in Montana, she thinks she has run again, but Lucas isn’t going to let that happen. He’s protected his country against the worst types of threats, and he’ll protect her too.


She’s met the rancher, but now she’s about to meet the SEAL.


(narrated by Emma Wilder & Connor Brown )

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