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Psychiatrist Rayne Westerfield has found purpose in helping patients, especially those with PTSD, heal at the Resting Warrior Ranch. For her, there’s no greater calling than equipping people to fight the worst of their demons.


But she’s never allowed anyone to help her fight her own


She’s kept her distance. Kept herself buttoned up tight. Even the people in the small Montana town she’s known for years—the ones she calls friends—don’t know who she really is, and the fears she hides.


And that’s okay. 


But it’s not okay to Cole Phillips. 


The FBI agent’s first interaction with the Resting Warrior Ranch a few months ago wasn’t under the best of circumstances, but he’s determined to make up for that now. 


Where everyone else sees ice in Rayne, he sees fire. And he’s not going to let her fears keep him at a distance. 


Especially not when Rayne witnesses something she shouldn’t and a killer comes after her. Cole will battle the criminal determined to silence her, and the fears she’s buried so deep. 


The healer has fought for everyone else. Now this warrior will fight for her. 


(narrated by Cindy Harden and Oliver Clarke)

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