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Some nightmares you don’t wake up from.


Noah Scott spent two months in an enemy prison camp but made it out alive—unlike most of his SEAL team. He’s one of the lucky ones but doesn’t always feel that way with his scarred body and daily fight against PTSD.


Working with the animals at the Resting Warrior Ranch helps. So what if he trains service dogs, fosters a couple of kittens, and has an alpaca as one of his best friends? 


He’ll take whatever holds back the darkness. 


When beautiful Kate Tilbeck arrives at the Resting Warrior Ranch neck deep in danger, Noah knows he can’t stand by silently. Especially when the threat centers around a dog fighting ring—and some of the pups he trained may be involved.


But to save the animals he loves and the woman he can’t get out of his mind, Noah will have to embrace the darkness he’s pushed down for years.  


And hope he doesn’t lose himself in the process. 


(narrated by Lidia Dornet & Connor Crais)

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