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She’s the woman in the cage.


Daniel Clark hasn’t been able to get her out of his mind for six months. He and his former Navy SEAL team broke up the Riders— the vicious dogfighting gang who also kept some human captives—and got everyone to safety. 

Except for her. She disappeared into the night. Without a word. Without a name.


So when she shows up in his tiny Montana town—in bad physical shape, begging not to be taken to the hospital—Daniel can’t believe it. He does the only thing he can: brings her home to the Resting Warrior Ranch.    


Emma Derine was betrayed by the ones she should’ve been able to trust most. Her perfect photographic memory has kept her alive so far, but it won’t for long. She’s hoping the handsome, older man who helped her that night can be trusted. 


So she can stop running. 

So she can show her gruff and stoic protector that she doesn’t care about their age differences. 

So she can become part of this community that has captured her heart.


Because the people after her don’t just want to put her in a cage this time. They want her dead.