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Daniel Clark is the leader. The one who ensures everyone makes it out alive.


He took that responsibility seriously when he and his team served in the Navy SEALs together, and he takes it seriously now at the Resting Warrior Ranch. 


When he and his men broke up the Riders—the vicious dogfighting gang who also kept some human captives—they got everyone to safety.   


Except for the woman who’d been caged—Emma. She disappeared into the night.


So when she shows up in his tiny Montana town—in bad physical shape, begging not to be taken to the hospital—Daniel can’t believe it. He does the only thing he can: brings her home.    


He’s a warrior, not a caregiver, but he’ll have to be both in this case. The people after her don’t just want to put her in a cage this time. They want her dead.


But if they want to get to Emma, they’re going to have to go through Daniel.  And that’s not going to happen.


(narrated by Gideon Frost & Melissa Moran )

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