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Fairytale, Colorado.  


For Jasmine Adel, it seems like the perfect place to start over.  What bad could happen in a town with such a charming name? 


She’s not qualified to do much, so finding a job at the local dress shop is a relief and a chance to leave behind the life that has been slowly smothering her.  She’s making friends.  She’s even flirting a little with the town’s handsome sheriff. 


Until her boss is murdered right in front of her. 


Sheriff Beau Prince takes pride in keeping his hometown safe. After all, he’s part of the founding Fairytale family...complete with ten brothers. 


When a murder rocks the community and the beautiful new stranger is caught up in the middle of it, Beau’s not sure if she’s friend or foe. 


But he’s definitely sure she has secrets.  


As the shocking truth about Jasmine comes out, more danger pours in. This Prince will have to risk everything to save his princess and prove to her fairytales do come true

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